Lots of careers for linguists

Marc Franco of Snap Language addresses some of the big misconceptions about our field, including the big one: that there are few careers that we are suited for!

He even shares some great resources, enjoy!:

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FURTHER READING “The linguist vs polyglot gaffe” (web article): http://goo.gl/mVLxIO “Why linguists hate being asked how many languages they know.” All Things Linguistics (blog):  http://allthingslinguistic.com/post/48473292525/why-linguists-hate-being-asked-how-many-languages

REFERENCES “Current LINGUIST Subfields.” The Linguist List (web page):  http://www.linguistlist.org/LL/LingSubfields.cfm

“What is Linguistics?” Linguistics (University of California, Santa Cruz web page): https://linguistics.ucsc.edu/about/what-is-linguistics.html

“Why Major in Linguistics?” Monica Macaulay and Kristen Syrett. (Linguistic Society of America web page): https://www.linguisticsociety.org/content/why-major-linguistics

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