Nick Gaylord at the Campfire

Thank you Nick Gaylord for a tremendous conversation about how you navigated a career path amidst the world of things “structured and systematic, yet abstract and confusing”  Nick gives career linguists some rich insight into the value of the skills and abilities we possess including that we are: uniquely good at constructing representative data sets; rigorously skeptical; and we pay attention to the internal structure of logical formulations.  Particularly valuable to jobseekers is his discussion of product/market fit (i.e. how to sell stuff that people are going to buy) and how this relates to your job candidacy!

Nick can be found on LinkedIn:
on Twitter @texastacos
and he blogs at PhDeli

One recent great post from his blog that demonstrates how how he thinks as a data scientist (while also sharing some great advice for jobseekers) how long will it take me to find a job? (a post in conversation with Jen Polk of Beyond the Professoriate.

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