This week at the campfire: Serena Williams

Serena picAbout this week’s guest:
Serena Williams will be joining us at the campfire to talk localization this Friday – October 6th at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT.

Join us on zoom here:

Serena has an MA in Spanish Language and LIterature from the University of Washington and  a PhD in Linguistics from UC Davis, where she also currently teaches. Read more here about her work as a Data Quality manager at Avantpage.  Find her on LinkedIn at

About the Series:
Linguists are bringing their skills and training to address the challenges of our time – tune in weekly to the Career Campfire to hear folks talk about what pressing questions they address in their work  and where they see opportunities for linguists. Join us live Fridays this Fall –  Come prepared to wax philosophical!!! (S’mores optional)

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About our guest host:
…..and this week, we have a very special treatjen pink pic!  Guest host, Jen Polk of and Beyond the Professoriate:

Jen’s work is in helping PhDs launch meaningful careers, during and after graduate school. Jen speaks and writes on issues related to graduate education and career outcomes for doctoral-degree holders. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and at her award-winning University Affairs blog.

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