next Bay Area VPhD meetup – Oct 22 (East Bay)

The next Meeting of the Bay Area Versatile PhD Group will be held on Sunday, Oct 22nd from 1-3pm in San Leandro (East Bay) – details and transportation information will be sent to those who RSVP.

Our guest speaker will be Suzanne Wertheim, a Diversity & Inclusion consultant, who specializes in the ways that language expresses bias (and also happens to have a PhD in Linguistics!) Check her out on LinkedIn:

Suzanne is the founder of Worthwhile Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in language and culture services based in the scientific principles of linguistics and linguistic anthropology. Her work involves providing academic research services, professional development training, and communication consulting, and she also does legal consulting on the language of bias and discrimination. She will share with us some of the day-to-day of her work including how she got started and how she found her niche in helping organizations improve their workplace communication and culture, and how she frames social science research to HR leaders and C-suite executives.

This event will be of particular interest to those with professional interests in the areas of entrepreneurship, applied research, consulting, and facilitation – but will be of value to any job-seekers thinking about how to translate the applicability of the technical skills possessed by PhDs for real-world needs of organizations!

RSVP at this link:


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