Serena Williams at the campfire


Thank you to Serena and to guest host Jen Polk of From PhD to Life for a wonderfully elucidating campfire conversation.  We began with an exploration of localization, or work in culturally relevant translation!  Serena gave us some great illustrative examples and in-depth exploration of the skills that are needed to work as a linguist in this professional context. Big ups to her efforts at broadening the definition of Applied Linguistics to include the application of all linguistic theory. And I hope you write your book Serena, I would buy it!!

Help Serena get the word out:
“Do you guys realize that if you love linguistics, this industry exists!”

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Linguists’ skills and training can be brought to the challenges of our time – listen to hear what pressing questions these folks address in their work and where they see more opportunities for linguists in future. If you would like to recommend someone for the series (including yourself), contact Career Linguist.


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