Career Camp 2017 edition – still slots available!!

Screenshot 2017-09-16 14.23.02Career Camp – Fall 2017 edition: Nov 6 – Dec 15

If you are a recent graduate, are thinking about making a career change, or have decided that now is a good time to do some orienteering – take stock of your career journey: where’ you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re going – try a story approach to career to figure out your next steps!  Starting on Nov 6, 2017, join a community of professionally-oriented linguists for a five-week series of activities, discussion and feedback focused on career stories.  All sessions will be facilitated by Anna Marie Trester – aka Career Linguist, author of Bringing Linguistics to Work.

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By the end of career camp, participants can expect:

  • A sense of relief from the physical and emotional stress and anxiety of not knowing what to do next to catalyze momentum with the jobsearch
  • A sense of agency, clarity of purpose, and ownership about the next steps
  • A paradigm shift in the way you look at career: from a focus on being what they want to instead consider what you bring to the problems and challenges you seek to solve

No matter where you are in your career journey, Career Camp will help you prepare for what’s next!


Thinking in terms of stories was transformative for me. I’m definitely a convert to the notion of seeing the world in stories.  Before Career Camp I’d been feeling stuck. I was uncomfortable and unsure about how to interact with LinkedIn. I didn’t enjoy researching organizations. This mini-course changed the way I look at those activities; when everything is a story, everything is data. Looking at data is fun, so looking at LinkedIn can be fun, too. I now feel less stressed and more productive as I explore and apply.  

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In the space of a month, with just a few hours of work each week, I learned as much useful information as I’ve learned in many a previous semester long class.  What surprised me most about Camp was how enjoyable it was to chat with other students (campers?) each week. How can a group video chat with strangers feel like a campfire with friends? I don’t know, but I liked it! I learned from other people’s stories, and felt supported in my career journey. I highly recommend this little digital bootcamp of career narratives to linguists and nonlinguistic alike!  Let Anna Marie introduce you to the wild world of stories! 

  • Career Camp betatester

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