Mackenzie Price at the campfire


Mackenzie Price talks with us about how she works as a researcher and discourse analyst in the work that she does with the FrameWorks Institute, where she helps advocates tell more powerful stories about their issues, or as she puts it “guide them through a process of thinking about how the language that they use is interpreted.”  As she explains, she comes to everything that she does thinking about language as a system, and thinking about interpretation as a process and the fact that any cue can be interpreted multiple ways depending on past knowledge, experiences, and current schemas in place.  And by way of illustration, she shared an example that was hot off the presses – a mere three hours old!

Many lessons from her discussion of impact are quite applicable to us linguists, especially that circumstance she describes of the implications of not having the importance of your work be understood.

My favorite quote from the interview is my new tagline: “Linguists. We have something to say about everything that has ever happened!”

Additionally, Mackenzie is a professor in a business school, and she shared with us a bit about what her linguistic skills look like in that institutional context: one where (like any other setting) a linguist can investigate the language of things like power, identity construction, and professionalization. She describes how in her Research Methods course, her linguistics training is evident even in how she teaches her students how to understand what’s going on in their workplaces!

Thank you Mackenzie for sharing your energy and evident passion for your work with us here at the campfire!!

To connect with Mackenzie,  find her on LinkedIn here

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