Top pages and posts from 2018

It’s that time of year again!! With 2018 drawing to a close, as is our tradition here at Career Linguist, we are taking some time to “look back to look forward,” making some time and space to reflect on this past year and think about what should come next. Without further ado, here are the five most viewed pages and posts in 2018!!

Parachute 2018

And here they are:

#5  My book review of the 2018 edition of What Color is

Your Parachute

I read this book annually and not only does it keep getting better and better, but I appreciate and get new things out of the read every time. Can’t wait for 2019!!

#4 The dream job vs. what would you do if you could do anything? a post exploring how to listen interpretively to things that you have always talked about doing, or have been thinking about doing, or have been dreaming about doing, or are told by others that you should be doing.

#3  the Career Paths where we hear about all the exciting things that linguists are out there doing with their degrees. Sectors profiled in the “Profiles in Linguistics” series: Corporate Social Responsibility, Healthcare Communications, Library Science, Knowledge ManagementNaming, Non-Profit Communications, Program Evaluation, Publishing, Social Media Marketing,Tech, User Experience Research, Training and Facilitation and many more!

If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist.

#2 My explainer animation, designed by my super talented designer Segun Adesina. This distills down what I do and why (my process and approach) in just three minutes – so pleased to see that thousands of you have looked at it – please be in touch with questions and feedback!

…….and the top page/post from 2018 <drumroll please!!!>

#1 For the third year running – 50 organizations  is the most viewed page!!! This resource features organizations who have advertised for and/or have hired linguists and language/communication experts. How can we make best use of this resource, continuing to make it as valuable as it can possibly be for you? How are you using the information contained therein?  Have you found a job using this list as a resource?  Would love to hear your story! What other organizations belong on this list?

What else was new this year:

2018 saw the launch of the Mighty Network a community for career linguists to encourage and learn from one another; to support career development; and to stay inspired about the field of study that connects us!  We’re about supporting and creating opportunities to bring linguistics to work.

On the platform, mainly you will find LOTS OF ACTIVITIES: weekly Working sessions (where we come together to get stuff done!!!), biweekly Check-ins (making space for connection, discovery, and opportunity), and Themed discussions including book clubs, guest speakers, workshops, and other interactive sessions. 2019 will see more focused attention on building out the discussions and resource-sharing components of the site.

Also, Bringing Linguistics to Work is now available as an audiobook!  Get your copy here:

Get it for FREE on Audible:


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