Tools for structuring career curiosity

question-words_ruth_googleI have been becoming aware of the need to find a new way of talking about the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of work.  We refer to these as the Work Interrogatives in conversations here on Career Linguist, but now as I am in the process of working through how it is that I want to talk about these in my next book project, I have realized a few problems with “work interrogatives” as a frame:

We really want to be approaching career with curiosity, with openness, and not seeking to interrogate.

Also, I am finding that these question words pair together in interesting ways, and that rather than considering them each individually, I enjoy thinking about some of the interactions, for example: Where and When.

Nowadays, employees have more control over these domains than ever before, and further, these words serve as useful tools/reminders: where and when surface as essential tools for making the space (temporally and spatially) to think about career, and thus I would call attention to their role as career navigation tools.

So, I think that I want to instead think about these question words as tools for structuring curiosity, but I’m curious: does this way of thinking serve to stimulate momentum in your own career navigation?

Let’s discuss!!!

And send me your thoughts!!!


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