job: Research Consultant Intern @ Stripe (UK)

Research Consultant Intern

Applications close 11 March 2019

It’s a great time to be a social scientist and a Stripe Partners (paid) internship is designed to allow you see what you can do in business with your academic training.

We have an opening for an intern to join us for 3 month full time. This is an opportunity to secure experience with a consultancy with blue chip clients doing work globally. If it works out we would look to make this a full time graduate position.

Please apply by emailing – with your CV. Please let us know about relevant experience and why you’re interested. Tell us about your career ambition, what you want from an internship with us and what you’ll bring to the table.

We are looking for

A final year student or recent graduate with outstanding grades with a hunger to apply their academic knowledge and curiosity to complex business challenges.

Someone who is isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know” but wants to learn on the job with experienced colleagues.

A storyteller with an eye for identifying and explaining the important detail from a mass of unstructured data.

Languages are a bonus. We work globally.

What you will do

Work across engagements from planning to completion with plenty of opportunities to undertake ethnographic fieldwork in the UK and beyond.

Collaborate with leading ethnographic
researchers and strategists on tough engagements for major, international clients.

Improve your understanding of how to translate ethnographic fieldwork into insights, ideas and recommendations that have an impact (and aren’t just ‘interesting’).

Learn how to improve your communication, presentation and writing skills.

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