Networking HH for Career Linguists in the East Bay (Oakland, CA)

In partnership with the Linguistic Society of America Special Interest Group for Linguists Beyond Academia, you are invited to:

A professional get-together for career linguists
Tuesday, May 7th 6pm

Lost & Found Beer Garden

2040 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 763-2040

In a spirit of generosity, curiosity, and with the understanding that our networks are our greatest professional assets, come on out to mix and mingle with other Bay Area Career Linguists.


Whether you’re currently using your linguistics training in an applied or professional setting, or want to learn more about doing just that, this group is for those who want to connect and build our professional community!

People will be on hand to talk about jobs!

We will be joined by a recruiter from CSpace – an organization that has hired linguists – and one of the linguists they have hired. Ask him about his experience in bringing linguistics to the work of consumer insights.

An employee from NoRedInk, who are currently hiring a curriculm designer will be there to talk about what its like to bring her teaching experience to the work of online education!

Feel free to share this announcement with any linguist friends, very much looking forward to meeting up 🙂


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