In career transition?

First off, to all of you who are graduating with your degree in linguistics:

You possess invaluable skills needed in every field. Your awareness of how language works will be essential to HOW you will do what you do in this world. Trust this training. As you continue to journey down your professional path, you will continue to learn more about how and where you are needed, stories from those who have journeyed before you can help!!

For those of you who have ling grads in your life who need to hear this message, Bringing Linguistics to Work is a book-length exploration of these ideas – now available as an audiobook!!

For those of you actively navigating/contemplating a transition now:

  • Career Camp – Fridays in June a 5-week series of activities to get folks finding, listening to, and telling the kinds of stories that will get them hired! Career Camp costs $250, and available at a 40% reduction for LSA members.  Interested in learning more? Attend an info session Fridays in May.

For those who have been navigating career for a while, and are looking to plug back in to a community of linguists for support and continuing professional development:

  • The CL Mighty Network– think about it as a virtual co-working space for (and with) linguists. We discuss whatever challenges we are facing related to bringing linguistics to work. It is free to try out for the first month, and only $15 a month after that (designed to be easily affordable for a career transitioning budget).
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