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For jobseekers, the work at the campfire begins with a focus on story listening, becoming more aware of the stories that are out there surrounding you and what may be learned from them. This might involve seeking out organizations of interest and paying attention to the stories they are telling about themselves to discern what degree of fit there is or what opportunities may be there for you.

Next, is storyfinding – a choice to seek out your own stories, looking even to genres like resumes to uncover details about how you work that help show how great you are to work with (they might also help you identify signposts, or turning points, or indicators of when you started doing something differently).

Finally, is storytelling – a perspective on crafting your experiences that is informed by awareness of what stories DO.

This process brings you back to your career journey with new perspective on where you are, where you have been, and where you are going, and with greater awareness of paths available, fellow travelers, and signposts along the way to guide you.

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I have no doubt that the work we did at Career Camp helped me to get some clarity regarding what I wanted to do in this post-teaching phase of my career, and your advice about interviews and cover letter writing was also invaluable. There were a lot of stages in this hiring process (seven stages in total, a combination of work tests and interviews), and I found myself telling plenty of stories in the interviews. Having done much of the groundwork around the campfire, I felt well prepared for the process. Thanks for helping me get to that place!

-participant in career camp summer 2017

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