Career Events at the LSA annual meeting

Linguistic Society of America

Calling attention to just a couple of the wonderful events taking place at the Linguistics Society of America meeting in New Orleans Jan 2020!!  For more information, check out the LSA Facebook page and Twitter feed, or the Annual Meeting page.

Thursday January  2nd – pre conference workshop Careers for Linguists / Linguistics for Career 
a multi-part session designed to increase academic advisors’ and students’ awareness of career opportunities in industry, government and non-profit organizations (all beyond the Academy). In the past few years, our SIG members have spoken to students, advisors, and instructors at universities across the country about careers for linguists outside the university, and although students are hungry for information and receptive to guidance, one thing is clear: among advisors and instructors in linguistics, the level of discomfort with the idea of a career outside of academia was very apparent, and as much as they want to help, they have no idea how to help students find extra-academic jobs. To that end, sub-sessions 1 and 3 are aimed primarily at advisors and instructors, in order to provide them with the knowledge and tools to help inform and guide students who choose to take the path out of academia.

Linguistics Beyond Academia Career Mixer
When: Saturday, January 4, 3:30 – 5:00 PM

The Linguistics Career Mixer is an annual event that brings linguists who have found professional expression of their skills and training in a variety of fields — from research and consulting to writing and education — together with people who are currently trying to learn about their next steps professionally. The idea is to create a context for having exploratory conversations about career paths. Linguists who have found employment in a range of contexts will be on hand to talk about their work as researchers,consultants, writers, editors, trainers, managers, and language and communication specialists in government, education, business and non-profit sectors (among others). Representatives from 20+ organizations will be in attendance.  Sponsored by the LSA’s Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group (SIG).

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