Meet Up in San Francisco – postponed

Next Tuesday’s proposed event will be postponed in light of concerns about congregating just now (and having heard from a few attendees that such concerns will prevent them from attending) and because ours was a get-together that is easily enough postponed to give everyone a chance to focus on health and self care.

Let’s find other ways to build our community!

And so, in the spirit of connection, we (your co-organizer Brock Imel and I) have an “ask” for all of you – those who were thinking about attending, and those who now can participate now that geographical constraints have been lifted!

Take a few minutes this week to do one of the following:

  • send a gracious note to someone (whether you already know them or not – maybe it’s an expression of gratitude for an article that you recently enjoyed reading)
  • reach out to someone in your community with a well-defined “ask” (a.k.a. 5 minute favor), and if you were coming to this event to meet people, you can reach out to me ( and I will help connect your ask with someone who can honor it. Conversely, if you were coming to the event to share information or an opportunity, please share – again, you can send to me if you need help!! 
  • try out the activity we were going to have you do at the event by sharing a reflection (pun intended) on the idea of “mirrors and windows” in career conversations (TLDR: talking to others can show aspects of ourselves back to ourselves and/or reveal new possibilities). Share this reflection on social media or with someone who you know to be in the process of career transition!

here’s to what’s next!

Photo by Klaudya Teodora

Come on out to build our Career Linguist community through career conversations that expand your horizons!

Where: Thirsty Bear Organic Brewery

661 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

When: Tuesday, March 10th 4pm – 6pm (we don’t have a reserved space, so we will be where we will be – a couple of us are going to show up early to grab tables)

– pop by when you can, stay as long as you are able –

Whether you’re currently using your linguistics training in an applied or professional setting, or want to learn more about doing just that, this gathering is for those who want to share ideas and resources, learn about opportunities, and build community. If you are needing a nudge, here’s some recent thoughts about why networking is valuable!

Feel free to share this announcement with any and all your linguist (or linguist-friendly) friends, at any stage of career navigation.
Very much looking forward to meeting up!

Here’s to what’s next!

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