Virtual Community-Building

photo credit – Art24hrt

Let’s take the opportunity to virtually build community this week!

And use these #s to keep us in the loop: #graciousnote, #honortheask, #windowsandmirrors

  • send a gracious note to someone (whether you already know them or not – maybe it’s an expression of gratitude for an article that you recently enjoyed reading)
  • reach out to someone in your community with a well-defined “ask” (a.k.a. 5 minute favor), and if you were coming to this event to meet people, you can reach out to me ( and I will help connect your ask with someone who can honor it. Conversely, if you were coming to the event to share information or an opportunity, please share – again, you can send to me if you need help!! 
  • try out the networking activity we were going to have you do at the event by sharing a reflection (pun intended) on the idea of “mirrors and windows” in career conversations (TLDR: talking to others can show aspects of ourselves back to ourselves and/or reveal new possibilities). Share this reflection on social media or with someone who you know to be in the process of career transition!
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