“Working towards joy (and there will be oatmeal!)”

If you’re looking for more ways to help you work towards what brings you joy in your professional life, join us for work sessions on the CL Mighty.

When we do our co-working sessions on the Mighty, we always set an intention for how we want to feel while we are doing the work. Today, I’m getting the stories that I am working on for chapter three of my upcoming book ready to be shared with the people who shared them with me. And when I get really plugged in with stories, I find lots of joy in the work, but at the start of the session, I was feeling anxious about it. Daunted by the amount of work lie ahead, and sitting with that “shoulda done” feeling that so often would accompany my working time if I let it.

And this is what work sessions are all about really! My fellow Mighty co-workers know me and they know about the project and they can remind me about how story work makes me feel “joyous” even when (especially when) that feels very far away. Such it was that the intention I set for today’s session was “working towards joy” trusting that I would find it (and knowing that oatmeal might help)!

(image an interpretation of me spilling mine on myself in an attempt to photograph, because photo did not turn out!)

And so, during this “new normal”:

  • we are continuing to have our regular T/Th sessions: 8-10am pdt / 11 – 1 pm edt
  • and now, courtesy of very own network member Serena WIlliams, there are additional sessions in the afternoons/early evenings: M, T, W, Th from 2-4 pdt / 5 – 7 edt.

Hope to see you there:

(on the CL Mighty Network)


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