Career Interviews (with Linguists!) on Linguamonium!

working wugs_cropped
Wugs going to work – love this!!

Delighted to have stumbled upon a new series of interviews with career linguists on Linguamonium, a blog from Hannah Van Brunt!

Loyal fans may remember Hannah from the conversations around the campfire series: where she talked about her work as a Linguist on the Bixby Voice team at Samsung, Research Assistant on the FrameNet project, English Instructor at San Quentin, and as a bartender and fiction writer.

On her blog, she features a conversation with a project manager (my very favorite application of a linguist’s skills and training to talk about)! Interview with a project manager and an always valuable answer to the question: “what is linguistics and what do linguists do?”

I’m looking forward to following her blogging adventures!

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