job: social science research internship – Knology

NOTE – Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not hiring for this position at this time, but we are still accepting applications. We do not yet know when the position will be reopened.

Location: 40 Exchange Pl. Suite 1403 New York, NY 10005

To apply: Please submit résumé and cover letter to Laura Tietjen,

About You

Are you endlessly curious and do you enjoy learning? Do you like to ask big questions about society’s biggest problems and imagine a better way? Do you thrive in collaborative teams? Are you interested in thinking with a social science lens – particularly in learning how people make decisions, feel the way they do, and work with other people? Do you have a positive outlook and like to laugh about quirky things? Are you excited about working with people from many backgrounds and with different opinions? What about working alongside a few office dogs? If the answer is YES, you might be a great social science intern at Knology!

About Knology

Knology is a collective of over 30 scientists, writers, and educators dedicated to using research to untangle complex social issues. Equity, transparency, and deliberation are the foundation of our work process, and we respect the unique perspectives of each member of our team. These perspectives are informed by our team’s range of personal, professional, and academic experience in fields such as cognitive science, linguistic anthropology, human rights education, political science, and conservation psychology We work closely with partners who do critical, on-the-ground work so we can build our studies around the understanding that no issue exists in isolation from social and environmental contexts. As a result, we can better develop practical approaches to thorny problems. Across all of our work, we are committed to sharing our data and results.


In addition to the About You questions (above), there are a few more things we need. Candidates should:

  • Have completed at least three years of an undergraduate degree, preferably graduated or in a master’s program; and
  • Have the ability to work in our New York City office.

Prior experience with social science research, transcription, qualitative and/or statistical data analysis, data visualization, and report writing would be great, but not required.

Expected Responsibilities

Interns at Knology normally contribute to social science research, transcription, data analysis, data visualization, and report writing. Interns are considered part of the team and are actively invited to join meetings, learn about all of our work, and participate in project work. Interns are expected to work a minimum 16 hours during the workweek, anywhere from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. The schedule can be flexible to suit other work and school demands.

Expected Benefits

Interns gain a great deal of skill in applied research, often contributing to advancement of their area of study and learning principles alongside experts in the field. They refine their skills in research design, research methods, and inference development from findings. Interns will also have the opportunity for co-authorship on publications.

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