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   Artwork for Applying for a job (2): Language and impression management

Our conversation pairs quite nicely with my recent post about resumes as a conversation (note that in the UK, the term “CV” has a different – read: broader – linguistic scope, such that what they are talking about when they talk about “CV” is more aligned with what we would call a “resume” in the US).

With Words and Actions‘ fabulous co-hosts Erica Darics, Veronica Koller, and Bernard DeClerck, I discussed some of the themes I’m exploring in my forthcoming book (provisionally titled) Employing Linguistics including:

  • a new metaphor that I’m using these days to talk about getting your bearings with career navigation, that of finding your “constellation” of stars
  • The idea of “moving your MRE” – a continuation of the idea of “shifting your deictic center” from my last book project, Bringing Linguistics to Work.
  • an exploration of the superpowers we have as linguists.

I’ll be kicking off a webinar series Fridays in August exploring these ideas with friends and collaborators, including some of the people whose stories will feature in Employing Linguistics. Stay tuned for information here on Career Linguist.

…and here’s to what’s next!

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