Last in the Aug Fri webinar series

With the book, Employing Linguistics, one big goal was to make space for stories, and different kinds of stories: stories that we don’t traditionally hear. Because stories DO things, like expand our sense of what’s possible. And stories are both formative and transformative. Just as we can make choices as we construct story content and focus so too do we have choices about our career.

So I also wanted to disrupt story form, and their temporal structure (present, past, future) to see how this can transform how we envision what’s possible.

In this week’s webinar – the last of the August series – we will discuss some of the WHYs of this storytelling strategy, with invited guest Dr. Criscillia Benford, an expert in story listening. We will explore how story listening helps us network by finding connection, actively building empathy, trust, and understanding. The practice of story listening not only helps us learn more about ourselves and what we are interested in, but it helps us find the people who need what we have to offer and those who will support us in building community.

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