job: podcast host – City Cast

City Cast is building a network of one-of-a-kind, daily local news podcasts in cities around the country. We’re seeking contagiously curious, energetic, city and news enthusiasts to serve as Hosts for each City Cast pod. Hosts will be the voice, face, and sensibility of the podcast in their city. In this role, you would be THE person who helps residents of your city understand what matters locally and why. 

Who are you? You have an insatiable appetite for your city’s politics, culture, economy, sports, and people. You love to ask questions and you’re good at it— because you’re genuinely interested.  Maybe you have a journalism background—or maybe you’re a former musician / writer / fashionista / restaurateur. Whatever you’ve been up to, you’re looking for a new way of expressing your love, frustration, and fascination about your city and the people who live in it.

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