the NAPA / AAA Careers Expo: 11/6

As part of the American Anthropological Association’s Raising our Voices event (which starts tomorrow, Nov 5th) professional anthropologists (and linguists) from a variety of backgrounds and working in a range of professional contexts will be on hand to share ideas, stories, and resources to help students and new professionals explore their career options! We particularly welcome faculty who are seeking resources for career advising.


This year, the Careers Expo is happening virtually on Friday: Nov 6, 12-2 pm EDT

A digital graphic with "Raising Our Voices 2020" in uppercase, bold white font against a dark aqua gradient background. To the left and behind the text is the AAA swirl logo in a deeper blue tone. Underneath the text are multiple silhouettes of upraised semi-transparent hands in various skin tones

Come to the Careers Expo to talk with professionals working in government, for-profit and non-profit organizations! There will be archaeologists, medical anthropologists, and cultural anthropologists on hand to discuss careers in cultural resources, health and human services, high tech, research, education, policymaking, and more! Last year over 700 professional, applied, practicing anthropologists, students, and faculty attended the Expo.

Pricing begins as low as $10 for students

for more information and to register go to:

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