job – Language and Culture Instructional Coordinator (Pasqua Yaqui)

Job Summary

The Language and Culture Instructional Coordinator will play a large role in improving the quality of instruction and levels of achievement for Yaqui Language and Culture Learners. In addition to assisting instructors with the development of curriculum, lessons, activities for teaching the Yaqui language and culture, the incumbent will also provide guidance and structure aligning with instructional best practices. Instructional Coach will meet regularly with community focus groups to gather input upon the direction of development of curriculum and the coordination of professional development.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities •

Supervise staff, prioritize and assign work, conduct performance evaluations, ensure staff are trained and follow policies and procedures, maintain a healthy and safe working environment, make hiring, termination, and disciplinary recommendations. • Develop and maintain policies and procedures relevant to program content and program objectives. • Support the instructional development of DLC teachers in understanding, developing and implementing DLC curriculum, varied assessments, and data analysis. • Provide direction and coordination for how cultural curriculum is taught recognizing cultural norms and best instructional practices • Increase the quality of instruction by tracking growth of student achievement • Meet daily with instructors to build strong relationships with teachers, administrators, and community. • Plan, design and implement professional development and training opportunities for instructors • Assists and provide support in designing appropriate lesson plans and activities for language and culture students • Coordinate and facilitate regular scheduled meetings for community focus group input. • Perform other duties of a similar nature or level as requested by supervisor or director.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of: • The Yaqui language, culture, history and ceremonies, Hiaki folk tales, legends, history, ceremonial sermons, speeches, prayers, greetings, (informal, formal and ceremonial) spiritual blessings, giving ceremonial thanks; • Pascua Yaqui Language Policy; • Phonology and phonetics of the Hiaki language; • Hiaki history and culture; • Instructional approaches for Native learners; • Fundamentals of lesson plan and curriculum design; • Yaqui culture, customs, resources and traditions and/or a willingness to learn. Skills and Abilities: • Speak, read, and write in the Hiaki language; • Excellent writing and oral presentation; • Provide excellent service to tribally enrolled members of the community, staff and other community partners; • Demonstrate consideration of others regardless of ethnicity, gender, beliefs or personal style; • Follow written and verbal instructions; • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing; • Use tact, courtesy and communicate well with others, orally and in writing. • Operate a variety of office equipment, including a computer and related software applications; • Good communication and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, supervisor, management, Council members, and the public. Have ability to sufficiently exchange or convey information and receive verbal and written work instructions. Education, Certifications and Experience Required Bachelor’s Degree in teaching with at least one (1) year of teaching experience and have basic knowledge of the Yaqui language, culture, history, ceremonies, Hiaki folk tales, legends, history, ceremonial sermons, speeches, prayers, greetings, (informal, formal and ceremonial) spiritual blessings, and giving ceremonial thanks. One year of teaching experience preferred; or, an equivalent combination of education and/or four (4) years of experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above. AND/OR • Trilingual in Yaqui, English and Spanish preferred; • Three (3) years teaching experience preferred

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