Top Posts for 2020

As I do every year, I’m sitting down in January to take stock of my top blog posts in 2020…and..well, 2020 was a strange year all around, and activity on Career Linguist appears to have been no exception.

The blog post that I was the most excited about (and frankly was the reason I sat down to make this list) did not make the top 10, so I have just repackaged it and posted it over on Medium: Being Now/Here

The second most popular post in 2020 was a book review I did of the 2018 edition of What Color is Your Parachute, which is just plain embarassing, considering that I never got around to finishing my review of the 2019 edition (I did start it!), and that the 2021 edition is already out. So, yes, I have my marching orders. That is now on my “to do.”

And the post that continues to be the most popular (by alot!) year after year is 50 Linguist-Friendly Organizations a list featuring organizations that currently employ linguists. I update it when a linguist reaches out to me to say “I love my job!” – and when that happens, I look at the list and remove an organization that I haven’t heard about in a while or where my connection has left. (please reach out if you are one such).

Reflecting on the popularity of that page, I know that it is because the information of who employs linguists is of course useful to jobseekers. But at the same time, here at Career Linguist, I am interested in engineering a mindset shift in thinking about career.

What I would really want people to come away with after looking at Career Linguist is thinking that is much more fine-grained about the details of work so as to interrogate the who, what, when, where, why and how of working at a particular organization. So not just that linguists work there, but why they are valued, how they make their utility legible. I would hope a reader would ask herself: Would I enjoy being there too? why? what would I do? and how? for whom?

So I hope you will check out the series of posts on the Work Interrogatives and sure, give me updates for 50 organizations, and share your stories with me, so that I may share them with our community!

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and here’s to what’s next!

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