Senior Researcher: Applied Research and Evaluation

Education Northwest Portland, OR

About the job

Job Duties: Oversee and grow a portfolio of large scale quantitative and mixed methods research and evaluation projects for education policy makers and practitioners. Develop and deploy innovative strategies for sharing evaluation and research findings that promote high levels of engagement and use among clients and other strategic partners. Specific job responsibilities are:

  • Work with external clients and partners in region or strategic research projects within company. (25% of time)
    • Work with external clients and partners (education practitioners and policymakers) in the Northwest region and nationally by building strong long-term relationships with education stakeholders. (5%)
    • Actively nurture and grow a robust professional network through existing project work and networking at conference and professional events to increase mission-driven partnership and business opportunities for the organization by providing supports to partners. (5%)
    • Share ongoing work and lessons learned with others nationally working in similar spaces at stakeholder meetings and regional and national conferences at least once a quarter. (5%)
    • Recommend to clients the strategic use of evaluation data for policy and programmatic decision making through sharing of results in actionable ways and coaching on using research and evaluation findings. (10%)
  • Develop proposals and oversee projects. (65% of time)
    • Lead the development of proposals to bring in new contracts and grow a portfolio of large scale quantitative and mixed methods research and evaluation projects that substantially contribute to organization growth and sustainability. (10%)
    • Serve as project lead managing the project budget through monthly budget meetings with finance staff. (10%)
    • Lead the design of the research and evaluation project, instruments, analysis, and dissemination plan. (10%)
    • Oversee a team of 2-4 other researchers, analysts, and associates carrying out the research design, data collection and analysis, report writing, and dissemination by providing regular check-ins and feedback each week on work through team and individual meetings and review of materials. (20%)
    • Contribute to the project work through performing high-quality data analysis and report writing on a diverse portfolio of quantitative and mixed methods research and evaluation projects. (15%)
  • Lead teams and collaborate with senior staff. (5% of time)
    • Work with other Senior Researchers to develop and institutionalize new and innovative ways to report research and evaluation findings and promote a high degree of use and strategic engagement among clients and partners. (2%)
    • Lead project teams of 2-4 other researchers, analysts, and associates to carry out work of exceptional quality and model and mentor team members in project management, relationship development and client engagement (2%)
    • Collaborate with senior staff across the organization to develop new projects and proposals (1%)
  • Perform other duties as assigned, such as literature reviews related to assigned projects. (5%)

The position’s duties may require out-of-office travel up to 20% of the time, to visit client sites for evaluation and information gathering.

Minimum Requirements: Ph.D. degree (or foreign equivalent) in Education, Public Policy, Applied Social Sciences or related field, and 4 years of post-Ph.D. experience as a Researcher or in a closely related occupation in the field of education research. Experience must include:

  • 4 years supporting quantitative research and evaluation projects in education research.
  • 4 years conducting applied research and evaluation in one or more of the following content areas: educator preparation; professional development; teacher recruitment and retention; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
  • 3 years supporting business development through working on contracts, grants, and other means.

All education, training, and experience may be gained concurrently. Applicants must be U.S. workers (includes U.S. citizens, permanent residents, foreign nationals granted temporary residence under one of the 1986 legalization programs, refugees, and asylees).

Seniority Level



  • Non-profit Organization Management
  • Higher Education
  • Education Management

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Research
  • Analyst
  • Information Technology
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