By the end of career camp, participants can expect

By the end of career camp, participants can expect:

  • A paradigm shift in the way you look at career: from focusing on what THEY need to what YOU bring
  • Clarity around the problems and challenges that seem to be calling your attention
  • Increased knowledge of the range of applications, and a deeper sense of the value of the skills and training you bring to the table as a linguist
  • A better appreciation for and understanding of the processes of career education, career exploration, and professional self-presentation
  • A framework for orienting yourself through story
  • A sense of relief from the physical and emotional stress and anxiety of not knowing what to do to catalyze momentum with your job search
  • A sense of accomplishment as you take the next steps and see positive results
  • Ownership of the process, agency, and clarity of purpose

We’ll be gathering around the campfire starting on April 30th 2021!

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