bring story sparks to (career) conversations

I had a really great informational interview yesterday, and reflecting on it this morning, one of the reasons it went so well is that this person really had their pocket full of stories! As we move now into summer, you might find yourself doing more networking, and so I thought I would share some idea sparks to bring / to ask someone to bring to an informational interview:

Dark, Fireworks, Hands, Lights, Macro
  • where you have been: memory from childhood/young adulthood, something that made you pay early attention to language (I am writing this assuming that you are a linguist, but if you are a pizza maker, what was it that made you first interested in pizza? e.g.)
  • where you are: a work-related challenge, barrier, or obstacle, something or someone that got in the way of things going the way you thought they would (and then what you did as a result)
  • where you are going: a project that you would do at a dream job / school / at your job if you could job craft (what you’re thinking about as the next step)
  • a creative outlet (and any thoughts that you have about how this creative outlet relates to your other interests / ways of doing things). DO a mash-up!
  • something you read/heard/saw recently that inspired you, and why (academic research, music, film, play, poem)
  • A person organization (project, program, initiative) whose work inspires you. And crucially why this resonates!!

In my next post, I’ll share some thoughts about how to find story sparks like these – and then – in a third post –  how to listen to them!

For a one-stop resource, check out my Conducting a Stellar Job Search.

and for now, “here’s to what’s next!”

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