job: Equity & Outreach Coordinator – City of Boston (Boston Public Library)

The Boston Public Library operates as both a city agency and a separately incorporated non-profit organization, with multiple streams of funding, key partnerships and a variety of associated stakeholders, all for whom interaction with the President’s office is a matter of course. The Library is a complex organization, organized today around collections, services, programs, operations, technology, communications, administration and finance; with offerings delivered across its central library, branches and online platforms. It serves the residents of Boston, Massachusetts and beyond, in person, online and in the community, always with a view to equitable access as captured in the phrase ‘free to all’. It is an over 170-year old institution blending the best of a legacy institution and government entity with an agile, entrepreneurial digitally-connected twenty-first century spirit, responding to community need.

In 2020 the Library developed a formal Racial Equity Statement and action plan, approved by its Board of Trustees. The statement and plan were developed partially in response to and with staff at all levels, and in response to greater societal awareness of the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work, especially Racial Equity. The library has a role to play in this work in society as well as evaluate and improve itself as a 170+ year cultural institution. The principal tasks of the Equity and Outreach Coordinator position are to work with the President of the Library (as well as other leaders, staff and stakeholders) to ensure this agenda, plan and resulting initiatives are executed, while continuing to also coordinate efforts to grow and improve plans and identify future initiatives and opportunities. While the work’s initial focus is internal, it is envisioned that internal work is in service of the library’s mission and will also include opportunities for outreach work with specific communities. In this work the role’s primary approach will be to support and enhance the work of other staff members and the organization as a whole.

Brief Job Description

The successful applicant should bring experience in library services or a related field and experience with organizational development and/project management. Equally important, the successful applicant will bring experience working in the diversity equity and inclusion space in either a primary or secondary supporting role. Demonstrated experience working with specific communities that experience systemic barriers or ability to leverage relevant personal lived experience is preferred.

The work of this role is expected to apply to all areas of the organization, but with particular awareness of collections, services, programs, partnerships, procurement, recruiting and staff culture and development as well as issues of access – physical and digital. The position thus also works in close collaboration with the Director of Library Services, Chief of Collections, the Director of Strategic Partnerships and President’s office, as well as many others.

Reports to

President of the Library.


Scope of Responsibility

  • The position will develop and maintain the project plan for all institutional matters relating to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, including regular reporting on status to a variety of bodies.
  • The position will act as project manager and/or coordinator for each approved initiative under this umbrella.
  • The position will assist in the evaluation and evolution for the principal plan and any and all related systemwide plans and initiatives.
  • The position will assist in the coordination of committees and working groups related to DEI work and where appropriate and approved, provide leadership to specific groups.
  • Position will be responsible for following and reporting on emerging practices related to DEI issues in the public library, governmental and research environments, and proposing adoption of same as relevant.
  • The position will identify skills and ability gaps and needs across the organization and within particular service areas. This work will be done with a view to enhancing an organizational culture that is based on DEI values.
  • Position will be the main liaison for citywide initiatives, initiatives within organizations the library is affiliated with and any partners
  • Work with Library Training Coordinator to provide DEI training as needed across all Divisions of Library staff
  • Assists in ensuring our affiliate and philanthropic efforts are guided by DEI principles to support the growth of the organization in collaboration primarily with the Boston Public Library Fund.
  • Will work with a variety of public service teams on DEI program analysis and targeted outreach at the branch, central, systemwide and online teams, with a view to identification of communities in greatest needs and responsive outreach efforts and initiatives.
  • Responsible for the development of a fundraising strategy and campaign at the statewide public sector level.
  • Performs similar or related duties as required or assigned.


Minimum Entrance Qualifications :

Education And Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field required with an advanced degree in a related field preferred, a Masters in Library Science in addition to other requirements will be seen as a plus. Examples of relevant fields include: library science, social work, social studies fields, key humanities fields, public policy or administration, education, and a minimum of five years of experience in a related role. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted.

Knowledge, Ability And Skill

  • Knowledge. Thorough knowledge of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues and practices, project management, and organizational and cultural change, ideally in a mid to large size distributed organization in the public or non-profit sectors. Understanding of the services field in general, with a preference for knowledge of municipal, library, or educational/arts fields.
  • Demonstrated problem solving ability and ability to maintain productive interpersonal relations in a complex and changing environment. Strong project management skills. Integrity, initiative, judgment, discretion, dependability and ability to work under pressure and deadlines essential.
  • Ability. Ability to interact in a positive and effective manner with personnel at all levels of the organization. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, in writing and orally. Ability to maintain accurate and detailed records. Ability to prepare and analyze comprehensive reports and plans. Ability to carry out assigned projects to their completion. Ability to efficiently and effectively administer a human resource system.
  • Skill. Skill in the use of personal computers, particularly word processing and spreadsheet applications. Excellent project management, planning, public relations and communications skills. Solid collaboration skills.


  • Demonstrated problem solving ability and ability to maintain productive interpersonal relations in a complex and changing environment. Strong project management skills. Integrity, initiative, judgment, discretion, dependability and ability to work under pressure and deadlines essential.
  • Residency – Must be a resident of the City of Boston upon the first day of hire.
  • CORI – Must successfully clear a Criminal Offenders Record Information check with the City of Boston.


Union/Salary Plan/Grade: Nonunion/PM-3

Hours per week: 35

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