Career Linguist Spring 2022 offerings

We’re coming to the end of the academic calendar, when thoughts turn to career – especially for those who might be graduating or leaving an academic position. And so, in a spirit of celebrating connection, I have some exciting offerings for you:

First of all, a free workshop
Using LinkedIn like a Researcher.- Friday May 6th
2pm pdt / 5pm edt

Free, must register to attend

Bring all your questions, and resistance (if you’ve got some) – we’ll think about what it might mean to approach the platform as researchers. What if we thought about LinkedIn as a database of the world’s largest repository of information about work? How might we click into research mode to tackle that? What questions might we bring? As descriptivists, we’re not looking for the “right way” to use the resource – we want to think “how might we”? This will be much more of a discussion and idea-sharing than a lecture – and I’ll share info about my two upcoming programs in May:

Career Camp – Cohort 15 – launching Friday, May 13th  

We’ll gather around the campfire Fridays 2pm pdt / 5edt
Register here for Career Camp

5 weeks of story activities and exercises from Bringing Linguistics to Work

Celestial Navigation – Register here

Five weeks of networking, working with the Charting the Stars metaphor from Employing Linguistics At our Tuesday check-ins (starting May 17th), we will make a plan for the week, share what we are learning, and hold one another accountable – touching on themes like using informational interviews to externalize introspection, finding our sparks, building sparks into stars, finding patterns: using our constellations to navigate, BRIGHTENing for career.

If you want to know more about these concepts and what they mean, watch the book talk that Anna Marie recently gave for the MLC Program at Georgetown

Prices will be going up after this round of courses!

So if you have been meaning to take a course with me, now is the time.


For the last couple rounds of Career Camp, I have been able to offer some scholarships because of the generosity of this community. If you are in a position to be able to support connection and community in this way, please get in touch with me (Anna Marie)

In the meantime, may you be safe and happy and well, and here’s to what’s next!!

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