Using LinkedIn like a Researcher is tomorrow!

Friday May 6th2pm pdt / 5pm edt

Free, must register to attend

Bring all your questions, and resistance (if you’ve got some) – we’ll think about what it might mean to approach the platform as researchers.

What if we thought about LinkedIn as a database of the world’s largest repository of information about work? How might we click into research mode to tackle that? What questions might we bring? As descriptivists, we’re not looking for the “right way” to use the resource – we want to think generatively, expansively, creatively, adopting a growth and abundance mindset.

This will be much more of a discussion and idea-sharing than a lecture – we’ll have two special guests Amy Santee and Sonia Checchia sharing some of their brilliant ideas and strategies. Finally, for anyone looking for more career support, I’ll share a bit of info about my two upcoming programs in May:


Career Camp – Cohort 15 – launching Friday, May 13th Register here for Career Camp

5 weeks of story activities and exercises from Bringing Linguistics to WorkFridays 2pm pdt / 5edt


Celestial Navigation – Register here

Five weeks of networking, working with the Charting the Stars metaphor from Employing LinguisticsStarting May 17th – weekly get-togethers on Tuesdays at 11am pdt / noon mdt / 1pm cdt / 2pm edt

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