Networking Oppy: Accessibility and Design

Accessible Design-Portland Design Thinkers Group

Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 5:30 PM pdt

Accessible Design: Forget WCAG, Here Are Some Common Ways You’re Leaving People Out & How to Remedy.

Accessibility basics to help designers better understand accessibility as a person-first design opportunity versus a compliance task at the end of a product build. The goal of this talk is to empower others to feel more confident in creating a better accessible product, to be able to better think through all user needs, as well as where and how to change existing design practices without the intimidation of complex language and guidelines.

More about our speaker Kate:

Kate Murphy (they/them) brings nearly a decade of fashion and functional design experience to their role as Product Designer at Coforma. Kate focused their early career on the fashion and costume industries with globally known brands such as Urban Outfitters, Express, Lucky Brand, and Forever 21, while also developing a costume portfolio working in opera houses and on films. Kate was part of the costume team for Black Panther that won an Oscar for Best Costume. They earned a Master’s degree in design, focusing on how form and function merge seamlessly to create products that enhance a user’s experience. Today at Coforma, Kate works through design solutions by putting the user’s needs first, while synthesizing business needs and optimizing strategy for the client, the working team, and the user.

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