Courses Launching in August

Five weeks focused on networking, working with the Charting the Stars metaphor from Employing Linguistics. We’ll touch on themes like using informational interviews to externalize introspection, finding sparks, building sparks into STARs, finding patterns: using our constellations to navigate, BRIGHTENing for career.
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Career Camp ( based on activities from Bringing Linguistics to Work ) is designed to help linguists bring language and communication skills to thinking about career.

Together, we find, refine, and practice stories that can be used in the texts and interactions which comprise jobsearching.

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You need not be a linguist to participate (in either program), but you do need to be someone who is curious about language and its ability to do things like construct identity and meaning in interaction. Celestial Navigation and Career Camp have been designed – and will be facilitated by – Dr. Anna Marie Trester, creator of Career Linguist, author of two books about a story approach to career.

Want to learn more?

Attend one of the Open Houses on Instagram Live this month: Tuesday, July 12th @11am pdt or Friday, July 29th at 2pm pdt.

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