About Resumes


They say that for every 10k that you want to earn in salary, you will want to invest a month in your jobsearch.  So, no time like the present to start thinking about polishing up your resume!

The good news:  because we are researchers we write better resumes!

The good news is that here at Career Linguist, we have spent lots of time thinking about resumes, so there is a great deal of information about thinking about a resume like a linguist here at your fingertips!

What a resume IS

First, there are posts to get you thinking about a resume in terms of what a resume IS- beginning with this post that uses the SPEAKING grid to talk about a resume.

What is it FOR?

The conceptual metaphor of a suitcase helps you think about how to pack and organize your experience.  Or if you are completely in school mode, and would prefer to think in terms of how a resume is like a research paper.

How to work on your resume

Many ideas about this!!