LinkedIn: New media, social media, or computer-mediated communication (CMC)?

When we are researching LinkedIn, are we researching new media, social media, computer-mediated communication? Researchers are actively deciding which term to use to because the term that you use says something about how you understand these interactions and what makes them worthy of study. So to begin, while there are important ways that these conversations […]

Articulating your professional vision: Show me your city block!!

Over the years I have read hundreds of applications for graduate school. I am to the place now where I can tell you within about thirty seconds whether or not I am excited about an applicant, based on the story they tell in their applications materials. What makes me light up? Well, I am a […]

The culture of an organization from its website

As I see it, as a jobseeker, there a number of ways that you can gain access to a type of “insider knowledge” about the culture of an organization. Many of these “ways of knowing” lie in your reactions the public self-image they present with their website. Discourse Analysis of an organization’s website Start by […]

School is your job

As a graduate student, there are many reasons for treating school like work. First and foremost, I would argue that it is very good practice. Office politics are among the things that people speak to as being among the most difficult aspects of the transition from student to professional, but if you choose to treat […]