BRIGHTEN your career outlook

My new answer to “what can you do with a degree in linguistics?” is BRIGHTEN!  This works both as a command to gloomy would-be nay sayers, but it is also the “world of work” acronym that I am trotting out these days.  BRIGHTEN stands for: Business, Research, Innovation, Government, Healthcare, Technology, Education, and Non-Profits.  These […]

Skills cultivated by studying Linguistics

Applying for jobs is all about skills.  Creating the job that you want means recognizing the skills that you possess and figuring out ways to use them in contexts that make you happy.  Getting the job that you want is all about communicating this awareness (with enthusiasm) in texts like cover letters. So what skills […]

How LinkedIn talks about itself

The fact that LinkedIn’s “about us” section of their website is somewhat hard to find speaks volumes about their orientation as a buisness. Like Facebook, LinkedIn’s website promotes the product and service that they provide – the means of connecting- and so you have to dig to the very bottom to chase an elusive link […]

The Linguistics of LinkedIn

I have been watching this presentation 20 Tips to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn from LinkedIn for Small Business this morning and appreciating how well LinkedIn’s way of thinking about the process of professional self-presentation is aligned with my own WaLK vision for the process of applying linguistics to the job search. First of all, […]

Interview questions in the wild

Anthrodesign is a great resource for folks thinking about careers in design anthropology. I am new to the site, but one of the first posts I read convinced me that this is absolutely WaLK territory.  The poster (Steve Portigal) talks about job interview questions that he has recently received: Talk about an invitation to […]

Bringing Goffman to (your job interview over) dinner

This past Spring, I gave a paper at the Standing Conference of Management and Organizational Inquiry (SCMOI) about job interviews which take place over a meal. This conference is gloriously interdisciplinary and such it was that I found myself presenting just after a nutritionist, and just before a participatory improvistational theater performance. I was talking […]

Charlotte Linde

Career Profile: Narrative & Organizational Memory The Career Profiles in Linguistics section regularly highlights career paths taken by linguists. If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist. Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Dr. Charlotte Linde, who works at NASA!  Specifically, she works at […]

Resume as a research paper

Resume: A revised, peer-reviewed process! There are many conceptual metaphors which are useful for thinking about a resume (and many excellent guides for working on resumes, and I encourage you to consult them freely. Some of my favorites are: Gallery of Best Resumes and No Nonsense Resumes).  But I am an academic, and the conceptual metaphor […]