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Blurb: Career Camp is designed to help linguists bring language and communication skills to thinking about career. Together, we will find, refine, and practice stories that can be used in the texts and interactions which comprise jobsearching. Note: you need not be a linguist to participate, but you do need to be curious about language and its ability to do things like construct identity and meaning in interaction. Career Camp has been designed by Anna Marie Trester, Career Linguist, author of Bringing Linguistics to Work.  Sign up HERE


Links: Career Camp flyer – Fall 2017

Career Camp backgrounder

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@careerlinguist, author of Bringing Linguistics to Work launches career camp! Focus: story approach to career

Join a community of lg-oriented career navigators, learn to tell resonant professional stories that get the gig!

See you @ the campfire 11/6 – 12/15

Tune in to power of story by being better able to listen to, find, & tell them @ Career Camp Fall ’17

Could yr career journey benefit from taking stock (where have been, are, & want to go?) Navigate through story!

Linguists are uniquely trained to think in systems: have a great deal to contribute in solving complex problems.

The world (of work) needs linguists! Learn how to tell stories that SHOW this at Career Camp this Fall!

Training in linguistics is training to think creatively, associatively, & in systems. Tell stories that show this!

Experience the @careerlinguist approach to career devt/transformation: improvisational, linguistic & story-filled

Are you a linguist looking to change careers? Join @careerlinguist at the Campfire this Fall

Join a community of linguists this Fall. No one knows better how to translate what we bring to the world of work!