Career Linguist Workshop

Designed to help linguistics students become more aware of the transferability and applicability of linguistic skills and training in a range of professional contexts.

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Bringing Linguistics to Work(shop)

Focusing on story as a central tool, sharing stories of career linguists who have found innovative ways to put linguistics to work and adopting a story approach (story listening, finding, & telling) this workshop is designed to engender a sense of ownership, agency, and creativity to thinking about why the world (of work) needs linguists


The  Career Linguist workshop typically given as a 90 minute interactive presentation, but can be offered in a variety of formats: mixing lecture, activities, and workshopping; in-person or virtually 

Possible Themes / Activities include:

  • Navigating using metaphor
  • Pocket examples that “show” you at work
  • How to answer: “Linguistics, what are you going to do with that?”
  • Using LinkedIn as a research tool 
  • Putting the SOQs on your resume
  • Getting the “I want’s” out of your cover letter
  • The work interrogatives (WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW of work)
  • The importance of asking in networking
  • The BRIGHTEN acronym from Career Linguist (business, research, innovation, government, healthcare communications, technology, education, and non-profits)


  • In-person workshop $1000 (exclusive of travel) 
  • $500 for a virtual presentation (on zoom) the virtual medium lends itself well to close focus on language, which works out quite nicely!


*Budget sensitivity means that I am open to exploring options, including sponsorship and collaborations (i.e. identifying partnering schools, or coordinating around other travel).  Let’s discuss!

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"Several students reported to me that they plan to immediately put to use the excellent job searching strategies as well as the concrete information you provided about employment options in our field."

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Camilla Vásquez, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics,

 Department of World Languages University of South Florida