Lots of careers for linguists

Marc Franco of Snap Language addresses some of the big misconceptions about our field, including the big one: that there are few careers that we are suited for! He even shares some great resources, enjoy!: RELATED VIDEOS “About Literacy” playlist: https://goo.gl/t2DtAU “About Language and Linguistics” playlist: https://goo.gl/wXB6xh FURTHER READING “The linguist vs polyglot gaffe” (web […]

Why a linguist?

Thank you to Barb Clark at You Say Tomato for calling our attention to this wonderful article: Why every company needs a good applied linguist Barb explains the who (applied linguistic anthropologists ) what why and how of it in her blog post Read her full post here WHAT applied linguistic anthropologists can significantly contribute […]

“What’s Linguistics?”

“What’s Linguistics?” “How many languages do you speak?” “A linguist?  Like C-3PO?” (the latest variant of this question that I heard recently) If you have taken even a single course in linguistics, you have probably been asked questions like the above (and likely with some regularity).  The general lack of awareness about our field demonstrated […]

‘Bring in’ … a call to professional linguists

As quoted in what color can your parachute be Roger Shuy framed the problem thusly  at the 1974 Georgetown University Roundtable in Linguistics (GURT): “As a result of its isolative behavior, linguistics is now beginning to suffer from not having a natural apprenticeship domain, making it difficult for graduates to find work” He suggested a solution, […]

Word of the Year 2014

This was the event happening opposite the Linguist Salon at the most recent joint meeting of the Linguistics Society of America and the American Dialect Society: Also, the profile in the NYT!!  🙂 http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/18/style/at-the-super-bowl-of-linguistics-may-the-best-word-win.html?_r=0 For those of you who were there (and I can see here from the tape that most of you were), thought […]

Linguist’s poem

Every linguistic choice carries meaning precisely because to say anything at all means NOT saying a variety of other things. Thus, when a linguist listens, she hears: what was said what wasn’t what you could have said but didn’t Linguists are always paying attention to all of the above simultaneously, so it is never “just” […]