LSA webinar: This IS Linguistics (Friday, Sept 11 @ 1pm EDT)

tune in tomorrow for the third in the series of LSA webinars on “Racial Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Linguistics Curriculum;” This IS Linguistics: Scope, Positionality, and Graduate Apprenticeship when Diversifying the Linguistics Curriculum  deandre miles-hercules (University of California, Santa Barbara)   Jamaal Muwwakkil (University of California, Santa Barbara)    Kendra Calhoun (University […]

Words and Actions podcast

Our conversation pairs quite nicely with my recent post about resumes as a conversation (note that in the UK, the term “CV” has a different – read: broader – linguistic scope, such that what they are talking about when they talk about “CV” is more aligned with what we would call a “resume” in the US). […]

Linguist Liz Marasco brings a conversation analytic approach to the consent conversation. Scholars in conversation analysis have known for a long time that we try to avoid using the word ‘no’. We rely on a number of other linguistic resources to ‘say no’ in order to save face. So why is this word necessary in […]