Julia McAnallen at the campfire

Thank you Julia for sharing a beautifully inspiring story of “leap and the net will appear.” Our conversation began with some great insight into the day-to-day of data analysis.  Julia shared some concrete examples which demonstrate the value of social listening – a subset of the textual analyses involved in market analysis –  including some […]

Mackenzie Price will join us at the campfire 10/27

Our guest next Friday at the campfire will be Mackenzie Price, telling us about her work at the FrameWorks Institute, where she works with social change advocates to change the public conversation about their issues! this is how she describes the work on LinkedIn: As an experienced strategic communications researcher, trainer, and consultant, I work […]

Kathryn Ticknor at the Campfire

A wonderful conversation about health research, from the most engaging and inspirational Kathryn Ticknor! Check out her MEDx talk here: https://medicinex.stanford.edu/medx-speakers/kathryn-ticknor/ Find Kathryn on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathrynticknor/ and on Twitter @ticktalkrock Catch up on the stories that you have missed by going to the stories around the campfire page here on Career Linguist. Linguists’ skills and […]

Greg Bennett at the Campfire

Great information for career linguists about how to get started in the world of UX research – thank you Greg for going above and beyond for your users (and for us)!  🙂 Resources from Greg: First of all his, excellent website: http://www.gabennett.com/resources and then a site developed by salesforce that gives the foundational principles for […]

Nick Gaylord at the Campfire

Thank you Nick Gaylord for a tremendous conversation about how you navigated a career path amidst the world of things “structured and systematic, yet abstract and confusing”  Nick gives career linguists some rich insight into the value of the skills and abilities we possess including that we are: uniquely good at constructing representative data sets; […]

Lots of careers for linguists

Marc Franco of Snap Language addresses some of the big misconceptions about our field, including the big one: that there are few careers that we are suited for! He even shares some great resources, enjoy!: RELATED VIDEOS “About Literacy” playlist: https://goo.gl/t2DtAU “About Language and Linguistics” playlist: https://goo.gl/wXB6xh FURTHER READING “The linguist vs polyglot gaffe” (web […]