Pocket Examples

Among the things you should have ready for the job search are: “Pocket examples;” these are little stories that exemplify how you work, how you think, and what you are passionate about. Here I will share some of my thoughts about how to find, polish and deliver them in a job searching context. I call them […]

Does LinkedIn have a perception problem?

If you are not currently on LinkedIn, you probably have some reasons why.  But if you are currently jobseeking or even just trying to educate yourself about careers, these reasons really need to be reexamined.  As I explore some of the more common ones that I have heard, you will have to let me know […]

Facework foursquare on the “request an introduction” feature of LinkedIn

In this post, I will look with my sociolinguist’s lens at the “request an introduction” as a speech act as one of the mechanisms for asking for things that LinkedIn operationalizes. One of the greatest connectors that I know IRL (“in real life”) is Dr. Carole Sargent, the Director of Georgetown University’s office of Scholarly […]

The Linguistics of LinkedIn

I have been watching this presentation 20 Tips to Amplify Your Brand on LinkedIn from LinkedIn for Small Business this morning and appreciating how well LinkedIn’s way of thinking about the process of professional self-presentation is aligned with my own WaLK vision for the process of applying linguistics to the job search. First of all, […]

LinkedIn: New media, social media, or computer-mediated communication (CMC)?

When we are researching LinkedIn, are we researching new media, social media, computer-mediated communication? Researchers are actively deciding which term to use to because the term that you use says something about how you understand these interactions and what makes them worthy of study. So to begin, while there are important ways that these conversations […]

School is your job

As a graduate student, there are many reasons for treating school like work. First and foremost, I would argue that it is very good practice. Office politics are among the things that people speak to as being among the most difficult aspects of the transition from student to professional, but if you choose to treat […]

Po Bronson’s What Should I Do with My Life?

Despite the fact that he has been a bestselling author for more than a decade, I only recently came across the work of author Po Bronson for this research on narrative explorations of Career.   Insightful as his work is, I am actually really glad to have only stumbled across his work now, as having recently […]