Greg Bennett at the Campfire

Great information for career linguists about how to get started in the world of UX research – thank you Greg for going above and beyond for your users (and for us)!  🙂 Resources from Greg: First of all his, excellent website: and then a site developed by salesforce that gives the foundational principles for […]

Nick Gaylord at the Campfire

Thank you Nick Gaylord for a tremendous conversation about how you navigated a career path amidst the world of things “structured and systematic, yet abstract and confusing”  Nick gives career linguists some rich insight into the value of the skills and abilities we possess including that we are: uniquely good at constructing representative data sets; […]

Serena Pasqualetto – post I

The Career Paths section regularly highlights linguists’ career journies and job details. If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist. Below is Part I of the interview with Serena Pasqualetto. Parts II and II will be posted the next couple Fridays From playing with words to […]