About the networking meetup in Boulder last month

Linguistic Society of America
Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group
Meet UpIMG_3496 (5) in Boulder, CO
September 19, 2018

Guest Post by Olivia Hirschey:
I had the pleasure of hosting the Linguistic Society of America’s Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group meet-up in Boulder this September. Events like these are a productive way to form connections and pathways between academia and industry, particularly as an increasing number of companies are starting to take note of the unique, valuable skill set linguists bring to work. It’s important to remember that work in academia and industry does not have to be an either/or situation, as this meet up showed.

At the event, graduate students and industry professionals met up at The Med (a delicious restaurant in downtown Boulder, thank you Med) to share advice, ask questions, and make connections across multiple linguistic subfields and industries, spanning from conversation analysis to computational linguistics, from tech companies to political campaign organizations. Please join us the next time we meet up and continue to build our networks of linguists, and feel free to email me at

Do you want to host a regional meet-up in your town?
Get in touch with the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group!!

It’s a great way to give back, build our community, and create opportunities (for yourself and others – which brings us back to giving back, and building community )



careers webinar: “Working in Tech — It’s Not Just for Computational Linguists!”

Mark your calendars for a LSA careers webinar: “Working in Tech — It’s Not Just for Computational Linguists!”

Wednesday, September 26 from 1:00 to 2:30 PM U.S. EDT.

In this webinar, we will hear from linguists working in tech who found nontraditional, unexpected paths into the sector, and who continue to find new and interesting ways to express and employ their linguistic skills and interests. They will share their experiences, including things they wish they had known when they were starting on this professional path.

This webinar will be of interest to linguistics students and professionals who work in the technology sector or who are considering doing so.  In addition to the panel discussion, there will be time for question & answer, so come prepared with questions.

This webinar is sponsored by the LSA’s Special Interest Group (SIG) on Linguistics Beyond Academia.

Panelists: Samantha Beaver, Founder, Memra Language Services; Sam Cooper, Curriculum Specialist, NoRedInk; Christopher Stewart, Analytical Linguist, Google; Frankie Pennington, Data Collection Administrator, Sensory, Inc.; Brent Woo, Language Engineer, Amazon

Registration is limited to 100, and LSA members will be given priority.  Click here to register for the webinar.

ASL interpretation will be provided for LSA webinars if at least two week’s advance notice is provided.  This notice is required in order to secure the services of qualified interpreters.   If less advance notice is provided, the LSA will attempt to secure interpreters but cannot guarantee availability. Please provide advance notice by contacting David Robinson, the LSA’s Director of Membership and Meetings.


Networking meet-up in Boulder – Linguistics Beyond Academia

On behalf of the Linguistics Beyond Academia Special Interest Group for Linguistics Beyond Academia, I am thrilled to announce a networking meet-up in Boulder, CO Wednesday, Sept 19th at 6:30 pm at the Med.broadening connections

The Med
1002 Walnut Street
Boulder CO 80302

(there will be a sign on the table to help you find the group and/or contact info of the organizers will be provided when you RSVP)

A professional get-together for linguists currently based in the Boulder, CO area.

Whether you’re currently using your linguistics training in an applied or professional setting, or want to learn more about how you might do just that, this group is for those who want to connect with other local professionally-oriented linguists!

RSVP here and help us spread the word

Want to hold a networking meetup in your town?  Get in touch!



Call for research participants: Women in Tech project

The Women in Tech-Retention (WIT-R) project – a partnership between The University of Maryland and research firm InContext –  is seeking to learn how colleges can prepare women and men for success early in their technology careers. They are looking for research participants who are women and men within the first 18 months of their first jobs in tech.

If you or someone you know fits the bill and would like to participate in the study, follow this link.

More about the Project:

The Women in Tech-Retention (WIT-R) project investigates why many women are leaving the high-tech field in large numbers — 50% more than men leave mid-career. Whereas much research is focused on getting women into STEM, nearly none addresses the work conditions needed for women to stay and thrive. To find out more about the WIT-R project go to:

For this phase of the project, InContext is collaborating with the University of Maryland. The project focuses on understanding how to best prepare women and men for success early in their technology careers. We would like to talk with recent graduates to understand how your education did or did not help you transition to success at work. Then we’d like to explore your early job experiences after graduation. We are interested in how your employer trained or prepared you for success in your first job. We are looking for people working in industry for 9-24 months in technology professions such as development, technical product management, user research, and design.

The interview will be in person or remotely through Skype for two hours at a time convenient to you. All interviews are confidential. Interviewers take anonymous written notes during the sessions. Interview notes will reference a user number and all organizational names will be removed. No personally identifying information is captured. Thank you for being willing to help with this inquiry. You are helping us improve both the education curriculum and what companies do to get young people started in their careers.



Attn lx researchers focused on Global Human Rights

The Department of Modern Languages & Global Studies at South Dakota State University is hosting an, “International Conference on Global Human Rights” on October 4-6. In order to complete a few panels, we would like to extend a further invitation for abstract submissions in linguistics and adjacent fields.


The conference itself is very interdisciplinary and for these specific panels we are open to all work that addresses language use or uses linguistic methodologies to examine any issue related to human rights. Please see the conference details linked above for further information regarding the conference schedule, keynote speakers, registration, and travel/accommodations.


The final deadline for abstract submissions is August 15, though will review abstracts on a rolling basis so early submissions are preferred. Please submit abstracts and/or questions directly to me at in order to speed up the process. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Events, Professional Development

Stay on track professionally over the summer…

…with the support and accountability of the CL Mighty Network!

Membership is only $15 a month and you can try it out free for a week at any time! Read more about the Mighty Network (including what others are saying about the benefits of membership) here.

Why not start by trying out a work session on July 5th? Re-focus after the holiday by joining us from 9-11am PDT / 12 – 2pm EDT.  Work sessions are a time to come together to make progress on small tasks. We keep the (zoom) line open and each person quietly works on a project of his/her choosing (following some light facilitation at the top of the session).  RSVP for the July 5th work session here.

person holding macbook flatray photograph
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Read more about the Mighty Network (including what others are saying about the benefits of membership) here.


Get involved the (CL) Mighty Network

Lots going on in the CL Mighty Network this month!

Attend an info session Tuesday June 12th at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT. Attend on zoom here:

Events in June: We have 1) regular work sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2) bimonthly check-ins, 3) on June 21st, we have a research workshop presentation focused on “Directives in the Workplace” featuring discussion of application of research along with brainstorming for how to use this as the basis for consulting work, 4) finally on June 26th we will be reading Daniel Goleman’s book Focus. In this bookclub discussion, we will explore the neuroscience of this essential skill so important to our personal, professional, and societal flourishing.

These events are designed for Career Linguists to create some space for reflecting on how we can pull forward linguistic thinking in solving new challenges: maybe it’s taking on new responsibilities or new challenges at work, launching a side business, or exploring deepening a sense of purpose and meaning in our engagement with work.

For students, recent grads, or a career-changers: this community can guide and support you as you identify connections between your academic and professional interests, seek challenges that speak to you, and make progress towards whatever might be your next step professionally.

Screenshot 2018-01-23 17.26.23

join the CL Mighty Network here:

Want to learn more? Learn more about the Career Linguist Network at the info session Tuesday June 12th at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT. Attend on zoom here:

What people are saying about the CL Network:

The Career Linguist network has been enormously helpful as I transition from an academic position into consulting. It is inspiring to have a place to connect with people doing interesting and varied work outside academia. The Working Sessions have been particularly helpful and a great way for me to get to know others in our field as we work independently on a specific task for a set period of time. Anna is supportive, encouraging and the perfect facilitator. She has helped me understand the difference between a “task” and a “project” which has helped my work flow tremendously. I will definitely continue to attend when I can!

Kristy Cardellio, Ph.D.
St Petersburg, FL

I find the CL network a group of interesting and engaging career-minded individuals that are invested in not only working on their own area of expertise but also curious to hear about and provide support, if applicable, to their fellow members. The women who participate weekly in the work sessions I have attended act as a team of accountability partners that seem to keep me on track and allow me to mutually provide support for them. Anna Marie Trester, our host, is always engaging, providing a gentle guidance that allows us to focus on the work at hand in a structured group environment, using our stated intention to propel us effortlessly through our chosen assignment for each session. Because we are using the pomodoro method, of 20 minute intervals, it seems to take some of the pressure off, allowing me to concentrate on this chunk of work, rather than stressing over the full project. In the past few weeks of attending the CL work sessions, I have managed to accomplish more of my project than I have alone in a much longer time frame. I thoroughly enjoy this process and am grateful to Dr. Trester for creating such an inviting, congenial, interactive environment for peers to accomplish their goals.

Diane Quinn
New York, NY