Resumes are a Response

You linguists know what I’m talking about – they are a pair part. Remember adjacency pairs? From conversations I have been having lately (including among the post-Ac community), I have been hearing a lot about “turning one’s CV into a resume.” And “turning” strikes me not only as the wrong conceptual frame, but also as […]

Understanding Why Linguistics is Misunderstood

This post is written by guest blogger Patrick Goodridge a linguist, language teacher, and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. Read more about Patrick below or on the Career Linguist guest bloggers page. Linguistics is the scientific study of language, though many who have heard of linguistics usually underestimate just how scientific it is. Those many […]

Most viewed 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, reflecting back on the five most viewed pages and posts of the year here at Career Linguist. #5  What skills are cultivated by studying linguistics?  A re-posting of some of the core skills cultivated by studying linguistics. Share your favorites using #lingustics #skills #4 Resources for jobseekers  I pulled […]

jobs: summer internships with ETS

2017 ETS English Language Learning Summer Institute: Paid Internships Available   The English Language Learning (ELL) group in the Assessment Development Division of Educational Testing Service (ETS) expects to hire approximately 35 interns for the summer of 2017.   POSITION OVERVIEW:   ELL summer interns will produce materials for use on large-scale, high-stakes standardized tests […]

Linguistics and Documentary filmmaking Natalie Schilling, Associate Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University and Member-at-Large of the LSA Executive Committee, was profiled on the Linguistic Society of America website for her participation in a Documentary Filmmakers’ Retreat hosted by the National Academy of Sciences as part of their Science and Entertainment Exchange program. Natalie was the only linguist […]