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Career Linguist (CL) Network

Announcing the launch of the Career Linguist (CL) Network: A community for career linguists to encourage and learn from one another; to support career development; and to stay inspired about the field of study that connects us! The CL network opens to the public on Feb 1st!

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About the platform
The Mighty Networks platform enables me to bring together a bunch of different kinds of things that I have been (and have been wanting to have been) doing for a while now including LOTS OF ACTIVITIES: weekly Working sessions (where we come together to get stuff done!!!), biweekly Check-ins (making space for connection, discovery, and opportunity), and Themed discussions:  coming up in Feb, book club discussion of Adam Grant’s Give and Take and interactive sessions on storytelling for career.  The Stories Around the Campfire series will now be hosted on the CL Network (linguists sharing stories about work), and we also have mentors who have made themselves available to field questions about chosen topics and professional fields of practice.

SO many ways to strengthen and grow our community, and more to come!!

Find the network here:

Only $15/month for a wealth of resources, inspiration, and opportunities. Save $ by ordering the annual plan for $149.99 and/or test it out for a week for free at any time!

Want to learn more? 
Attend the info session Tuesday, Jan 30th at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

Questions? Contact Career Linguist

What people are saying about the CL Network:

The Career Linguist network has been enormously helpful as I transition from an academic position into consulting. It is inspiring to have a place to connect with people doing interesting and varied work outside academia. The Working Sessions have been particularly helpful and a great way for me to get to know others in our field as we work independently on a specific task for a set period of time. Anna is supportive, encouraging and the perfect facilitator. She has helped me understand the difference between a “task” and a “project” which has helped my work flow tremendously. I will definitely continue to attend when I can!

Kristy Cardellio, Ph.D.
St Petersburg, FL

I find the CL network a group of interesting and engaging career-minded individuals that are invested in not only working on their own area of expertise but also curious to hear about and provide support, if applicable, to their fellow members. The women who participate weekly in the work sessions I have attended act as a team of accountability partners that seem to keep me on track and allow me to mutually provide support for them. Anna Marie Trester, our host, is always engaging, providing a gentle guidance that allows us to focus on the work at hand in a structured group environment, using our stated intention to propel us effortlessly through our chosen assignment for each session. Because we are using the pomodoro method, of 20 minute intervals, it seems to take some of the pressure off, allowing me to concentrate on this chunk of work, rather than stressing over the full project. In the past few weeks of attending the CL work sessions, I have managed to accomplish more of my project than I have alone in a much longer time frame. I thoroughly enjoy this process and am grateful to Dr. Trester for creating such an inviting, congenial, interactive environment for peers to accomplish their goals.

Diane Quinn
New York, NY

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Most viewed 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, as is our tradition, we are taking some time to “look back to look forward” over here at Career Linguist, reflecting on this past year and thinking about what should come next by counting down the five most viewed pages and posts in 2017!!

And here they are:Image result for 2018

#5  How to Begin a one-stop-shop for job-seekers.  All the things you need to be thinking about as you start applying your skills and training as a linguist to industries and organizations that you’re interested in.

#4 The dream job vs. what would you do if you could do anything? a post exploring how to listen interpretively to things that you have always talked about doing, or have been thinking about doing, or have been dreaming about doing, or are told by others that you should be doing.

#3 various announcements about the release of Bringing Linguistics to Work. My book came out this year!!  367 copies sold so far!!  – get yours at 🙂

#2  the Career Paths where we hear about all the exciting things that linguists are out there doing with their degrees. New posts this year:  Brice Russ, Serena Pasqualetto, and Kula Tubosun. Sectors profiled in the “Profiles in Linguistics” series: Corporate Social Responsibility, Healthcare Communications, Library Science, Knowledge ManagementNaming, Non-Profit Communications, Program Evaluation, Publishing, Social Media Marketing,Tech, User Experience Research, Training and Facilitation and many more!  If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist.

…….and the top page/post from 2017 <drumroll please!!!>

#1 For the second year running – 50 organizations  is the most viewed page!!! This resource features organizations who have advertised for and/or have hired linguists and language/communication experts. Have you found a job using this list as a resource?  Would love to hear your story! What other organizations belong on this list? How can it continue to be made more useful?

What else was new this year:

2017 saw the launch of a new series over here at Career Linguist (The Worlds of Work: WoW series) and a wholly new endeavor: Career Camp. Career Camp is five weeks of focused activities and stories designed to engage “career orienteering!!”  We successfully betatested in early summer, and just last week wrapped up our 2nd camp!! From this – inspired by the weekly exchange of stories at this virtual campfire – we spun off a new series Stories Around the Campfire featuring linguists who share their perspective on the challenges out there in the world that we can bring skills and passion to solving. For a limited time, catch up on all the stories that you missed right here at Career

Abby Bajuniemi: Research, Design, Strategist, Speaker, and Linguist

Nick Gaylord: Data Scientist

Greg Bennett: UX Researcher (find him on LinkedIn)

Kathryn Ticknor: Linguistics Researcher focused on Health (find her on Twitter at @ticktalkco )

Serena Williams: about localization and her work as a Data Quality manager at Avantpage

Julia McAnallen: about market research and her background in career services

Hannah Phinney: talking about her work at Samsung Research

Mackenzie Price: on framing and being a discourse analyst in a school of business

Stay tuned early in the New Year for an announcement about the launch of a new networking platform for our Career Linguist community, and for now here’s one last “here’s to what’s next!” for 2017!


Career and Professional Development Books

It was almost exactly a year ago today that I put out a call here out to you Career Linguists for your recommendations for career books.

Thought I would share the ones that I actually read by way of requesting that you keep the recs coming!  What’s on your summer reading list?

I *just* finished reading Brene Brown’s newest book:
What I am reading now:
Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling – Michael Port
and I just ordered What Color is Your Parachute 2017 because they update it every year and I always find new inspiration and learn something new every time that I read it!
So, what’s next?  Keep the recs coming! Send them on to @careerlinguist I will share out again when I have another batch!! 🙂
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Worlds of Work (wow) series: Research

In the Worlds of Work series, I pull together resources for jobseekers interested in learning more about a particular industry or sector. Typically, this involves curating some good sources of job listings, some things that are good to read to keep on top of industry trends, and then some sources of insight into the culture of this world.

Have resources to add?  Share them using #worldsofwork

World of Work: Research

Many linguists have found meaningful employment in research.  Some who have been profiled on the Career Linguist blog in the career profiles section include Nancy Frishberg who works in user experience, as do Tamara Hale, and Casey Songin-Smith; Julie Solomon who does program evaluation; and Linda Lombardi, who does research and writing.

So there are many places where linguists can do research.  There are also many ways that linguists can work in an organization that focuses on research.  For example, I work for a research firm, the FrameWorks Institute, but those of us who work there do very different things. While some of my colleagues spend their days conducting interviews, organizing and analyzing data so that findings may be reported out in a variety of channels: written reports, briefs, or orally in presentations, I spend most of my time in instructional and curriculum design.  We also hire writers, editors, graphic designers, web designers, videographers, animators, project managers.  All of us spend time supporting new business development.  Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy in client relationship management, or in coaching our clients about the best ways to implement our communications recommendations.  We create communications toolkits, as part of which one might be called upon to write texts ranging in length and impact from a tweet to an op-ed or legislative testimony.

Some organizations of Interest who have hired linguists:

Harder and Co.
Fors Marsh
Cultural Logic
National Endowment for the Humanities


Some research blogs to follow:

Research to action

Qualitative Research blogs

The art of conversation


Some places to do research about careers in research:

15 minutes to develop your research career – A new podcast from Vitae

A great post on job options for researchers from jobsontoast