Adopting a story practice

Here’s my toast to the new year!! a look at what it means to adopt a story practice featuring an excerpt from my forthcoming book Bringing Linguistics to Work: A story listening, story finding and story telling approach to your career.   I am currently proof editing the thing as we speak!  Here’s to a […]

Focus on story in 2017

Career Linguist has always been engaged with story. The Career Paths in Linguistics section of this site features the stories of career-oriented linguists and the professional paths they have taken, many of the resources and much of the advice and recommendations, and certainly my forthcoming book all focus on helping you tell your own professional […]

A story approach to career

In her excellent book Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling to Get Jobs and Propel Your Career (2009), Katharine Hansen gives the following activity for finding your stories: Identify a dozen or so help-wanted ads or Internet job postings that typify the kind of job you seek. List keywords that describe the skills and characteristics required […]

Storytelling: the best of the better

Over 1000 people voted for their favorite storyteller in Better Said Than Done’s online storyteller competition, and finalists have been selected to perform in “Best in Show” on May 28th to celebrate Better Said Than Done’s five year anniversary! Dustin Fisher, Brent Heard, Alison Hughes, Liezel Munson, Miriam Nadel, Jack Scheer, David Supley Foxworth, Anne […]

I’m writing a book!

Actually, I’ve already written it. Bringing Linguistics To Work is a guide for linguists of all backgrounds looking to explore careers beyond academia. Whether you’re a recent undergrad, a graduate student, or someone already midway through their career, this book has been designed to help you use your linguistic experience to work through the career […]