Kathryn Ticknor at the Campfire

A wonderful conversation about health research, from the most engaging and inspirational Kathryn Ticknor! Check out her MEDx talk here: https://medicinex.stanford.edu/medx-speakers/kathryn-ticknor/ Find Kathryn on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathrynticknor/ and on Twitter @ticktalkrock Catch up on the stories that you have missed by going to the stories around the campfire page here on Career Linguist. Linguists’ skills and […]

Why Tutoring is a good job for linguists – Part II

This post is written by guest blogger Patrick Goodridge a linguist, language teacher, and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. Read more about Patrick below or on the Career Linguist guest bloggers page where you can also learn about being a guest blogger for Career Linguist yourself!! To read Part I of this post featuring ideas […]

Convincing “them” to hire you

Over the course of a weekend’s worth of Career Linguist activities at the Linguistics Society of America annual meeting, the question that sticks with me is the one I received last night at the networking mixer: “how do I convince them to hire me?” Apart from the discursive othering that this question involves, I am […]