Convincing “them” to hire you

Over the course of a weekend’s worth of Career Linguist activities at the Linguistics Society of America annual meeting, the question that sticks with me is the one I received last night at the networking mixer: “how do I convince them to hire me?” Apart from the discursive othering that this question involves, I am […]

Career Resources for Linguists

Some places to start I am often advocating here on Career Linguist for bringing your research skills to the task of researching your career.  I thought I would see what resources might be available to someone trying to start out on this journey. so, I googled “jobs with a linguistics degree” This is what I found #1 Linguistics […]

Project Management, Program Evaluation & Instructional Technology: 3 fields where you might find linguists

The Career Profiles in Linguistics section regularly highlights career paths taken by linguists. If you would like to recommend someone (including yourself) for a future profile, please contact Career Linguist. I have been reflecting today on my “process” as Career Linguist while I do some research into three kinds of work where linguists thrive: Project […]

“…they didn’t know they needed a linguist…”

How does an applied linguist with an interest in language teaching become a sociolinguist and linguistic anthropologist? How does that applied sociolinguist then become a computational linguist? How does that applied-socio-anthro-computational linguist ultimately wind up with an exciting position on Microsoft’s innovative design team? HCI (human-computer interaction) is at the forefront of today’s technological leap […]

The business of language podcast

Am thrilled to have recenlty become aware of Tammy Bjelland’s Business of Language blog and podcast.  A self-identified “linguapreneur” Tammy has created these resources to be a space “where business ideas and love of language come together.”  She shares advice, experiences, and training with language professionals One recent post “where to find language jobs” is […]

I’m writing a book!

Actually, I’ve already written it. Bringing Linguistics To Work is a guide for linguists of all backgrounds looking to explore careers beyond academia. Whether you’re a recent undergrad, a graduate student, or someone already midway through their career, this book has been designed to help you use your linguistic experience to work through the career […]