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Info session: CL (Mighty) Network

Learn more about the Career Linguist Network at the info session Monday 4/23 at 10-11am PDT / 1-2pm EDT. Attend on zoom:

This network is:

For Linguists: to stay engaged and inspired about our field of study and get support in professional development through participation in skills-building workshops, working sessions, check-in sessions, and themed discussions.

For Students, recent grads, and career-changers: to find connections between your academic and professional interests, identify challenges that speak to you, and make progress towards whatever might be your next step professionally.

For members of the Media, organizations and individuals who have language and communications challenges: we have a breadth and depth of expertise. Bring us your questions!

Membership is only $15/month for a wealth of resources, inspiration, and opportunities. Save $ by ordering the annual plan for $149.99 and test it out for a week for free at any time!

Read more:

Read what people are saying about the CL Network:

I find the CL network a group of interesting and engaging career-minded individuals that are invested in not only working on their own area of expertise but also curious to hear about and provide support, if applicable, to their fellow members. The women who participate weekly in the work sessions I have attended act as a team of accountability partners that seem to keep me on track and allow me to mutually provide support for them. Anna Marie Trester, our host, is always engaging, providing a gentle guidance that allows us to focus on the work at hand in a structured group environment, using our stated intention to propel us effortlessly through our chosen assignment for each session. Because we are using the pomodoro method, of 20 minute intervals, it seems to take some of the pressure off, allowing me to concentrate on this chunk of work, rather than stressing over the full project. In the past few weeks of attending the CL work sessions, I have managed to accomplish more of my project than I have alone in a much longer time frame. I thoroughly enjoy this process and am grateful to Dr. Trester for creating such an inviting, congenial, interactive environment for peers to accomplish their goals.

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Linguist networking meet-up, Boulder, CO

On the occasion of my visit to UC Boulder to give my Bringing Linguistics to Worksh(shop), and to help get the word out about the CL (Mighty) Network I am convening a networking meet-up in Boulder, CO next Sunday, Feb 18th 5-7pmbroadening connections

The Med
1002 Walnut Street
Boulder CO 80302

This Meetup is a professional get-together for linguists currently based in Boulder, CO.

Whether you’re currently using your linguistics training in an academic or professional setting, or want to learn more about how you might do that, this group is for those who want to connect with other local linguists!

Feel free to share with any linguist friends, very much looking forward to meeting up!


Why your boss should support (your) networking

I only realized that this was an unconventional idea when I heard the force with which Reid Hoffman made the case for it in his book The Alliance. If you haven’t read the book, you can start with this summary in HBR, and know that it is well worth your time!!

But yes, there are many reasons why a well-networked employee is a major asset to any organization, and why therefore, employers should invest in employee networking, including giving them time off to be able to attend conferences, encouraging them to ask for and give informational interviews, and even investing in it (by paying for membership in professional associations for example.)  Here are just a few reasons that

Strong networks enable problem-solving,

As was featured in this recent episode of Anecdotally Speaking, Shawn Callahan’s new podcast, sometimes you just have to call everyone in your network to ask for a favor to solve a major challenge which presents at your job.  Your employee is lucky to have you when you have a deep rolodex


A diverse network makes you think better

 Steve Jobs broad perspective

Networking is an important way to give back, to make our communities stronger

Networking is how I volunteer my time. Countless people have helped me over the years by inspiring me, encouraging me, making me see something in myself that I didn’t recognize, or nudging me towards something that I wouldn’t have thought possible.  I see no better way to make the linguistics community stronger than to foster the dreams and facilitate opportunities for the next generation of puzzle-finders and problem-solvers!

It is well-documented that having a sense of purpose makes us all better people, so when you find a sense of purpose by helping others find their sense of purpose, we all get to live in a world where more of us have come alive because we have found our sense of purpose, and I will do everything I can to support that!!

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job posting: Communications Manager – San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Communications Manager

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $32,000.00
Maximum: $36,000.00



Start Date:


Application Deadline:



San Francisco
United States


San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (SF Shakes) seeks a dynamic & detail-oriented Communications Manager to join its team of staff, artists and board members dedicated to its mission of making the words and themes of Shakespeare accessible to everyone.


This position will engage and steward all stakeholders, including camp families, donors, schools and other tour venues, event attendees and performance audience members. The ideal candidate will have marketing and development experience, as this position will execute marketing campaigns, manage social media, support events, write grants, and process payments. We seek someone with demonstrated aptitude for Salesforce CRM who is excited to actively upgrade their skills. Experience coordinating multiple communication channels (email, website, direct mail, social etc.) and multitasking are also important skills, as are strong written communication skills and proficiency with Microsoft Office.Some evening and weekend work is required to attend events, performances, and meetings. Please see full job description here.

A minimum of two years of work experience in an administrative capacity is strongly preferred. SF Shakes is committed to building a culture of inclusion that values diversity, and strongly encourages applications from people of all ethnicities, genders and abilities.


Benefits include full health insurance, two weeks paid vacation, and a flexible work environment.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

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Hannah Phinney at the campfire


Hannah gives great perspective for anyone embarking on a new career, from the perspective of someone who has just started a new job herself, not just 4 months ago.  The conversation begins with a glimpse of a day in the life on the Bixby project at Samsung Research America – whose goal is to have users to be able to do anything with their phone through voice that they could do through touch – and then moves to charting the “wise wandering” that has comprised her multifaceted and rich career path. Ever wondered how linguistics could show up in work as a bartender?  Or as part of educational work in a prison?

She graduated with her MA from San Francisco State (go Gators!) just 4 years ago, but has done work in fiction writing, framing, teaching, and bartending since then, and translation / interpretation, localization, and project management before then.

Drawing from the breadth and depth of her perspective, we touch on themes of “making it” professionally, the importance of trying things out, and the idea that putting yourself out there is the way to get where you are going (there’s no other way!)

Thank you Hannah for sharing a wonderfully detailed picture of herself at work!

Connect with Hannah

Catch up on any stories that you have missed by going to the stories around the campfire page here on Career Linguist.
Linguists’ skills and training can be brought to the challenges of our time – listen to hear what pressing questions these folks address in their work and where they see more opportunities for linguists in future. If you would like to recommend someone for the series (including yourself), contact Career Linguist.