Being now/here for career

One of the major highlights of my year in 2019 was the opportunity to go to Finland. And there were so very many things to appreciate, but something that particularly delighted me was the Finnair NOW/HERE campaign that set the tone for my trip: Nordic happiness is an experience of being one – with nature, […]

Networking, intergenerationally

During a recent professional development workshop that I facilitated with Katie Nelson called Career Exploration and Education: An Ethnographic and Narrative Approach, we received one of the best questions from a recent graduate. Realizing that to get better at networking, she was going to need to get better at talking to people from different generations, […]

Planet Word Museum opening May 2020!

According to this article in the Washingtonian magazine the Planet Word Museum will welcome visitors starting on May 31, 2020! If you don’t live in the Washington, DC area, find a way to get there next summer!!! Exhibits will include interactive sound installations (as pictured above), as well as other playful, interactive, and uniquely designed experiences […]

Career Camp Winter 2020

Career Camp is five weeks of focused activities, reflection, and structured feedback on the language used in career interactions. Weekly activities bring a linguistic lens to the stories which comprise professional navigation. You will leave with a resume that blows their SOQs off, cover letters that speak to why THEY need you, and pocket examples […]

Career Camp Reunion

With the close of the 2019 fall edition of Career Camp, it’s reunion time again!! Welcome to anyone who has participated in Career Camp over the years!  Pop in, say hi, let us know what you have been up to these days and come and hear what everyone else is doing! Bring your “asks” Friday, […]

Linguistics Misunderstood

I often talk about how we linguists expect misunderstanding, and I think this is especially true when it comes to what we can expect people to know about our field. When we can approach the question “what’s linguistics?” as an opportunity to explain, the result can be something wonderful – as this excellent blog post […]